Spiders and Cobwebs

Spiders and their Cobwebs

At The Sparkle Guys we have the answer to your spider and cobweb problems and we stand by our product with a one year guarantee. Our product is mostly used on the outside of the house but can be applied successfully inside as well. You and your pets are not required to vacate the house. It also works very well for cockroaches.


The internal edges of your windows and doors can be sprayed while we are cleaning the windows - spiders love to get in the drain ducts. This has proved to be very successful and popular, and of course prevents the spiders, including whitetails, crossing over into your house.


Sealing off the house

One special thing that The Sparkle Guys does, is to seal off your house. This means we will spray the bottom 30cm of your house, all the way around, and also the guttering and flashings if required. Spiders then have no way to engress on to your house, keeping your windows and walls spider and cobweb free.