Mould and Moss

Mould and Moss Treatments

Our moss and mould treatments are excellent at killing lichen and can be applied whilst we clean the roof. The treatment keeps on working for up to 9 months. Treatment alone can be a better solution to water blasting and the whole thing can be done without us walking on your roof. Our treatment is specifically formulated for lichen, algae and black spot.


Our product is water activated and once applied, the more it rains, the better the treatment works. We can apply the same product on decks, fences, concrete, tarmac and pretty much every surface where moss and mould grows. We are conscious of the fact that lichen, when water blasted, could damage the surface especially if painted; our method minimises this risk. The correct method is to kill the lichen and its roots first. We are also conscious of the material your roof is made out of and the damage that could be caused by walking on it - even if done carefully. We have methods available to us that in some cases mean that we don’t even need to get on the roof at all. 


Don't forget to ask us how our treatment could be an alternative to water blasting your deck, particularly if you are keen to keep the 'silvered' look.