House Washing

Soft Chemical House Wash

The Sparkle Guys specialise in soft house washes plus all other water blasting of roofs, drives, paths, fences and outdoor furniture. We care about your property and take time not to damage your home using cleaners that are friendly to your plants and animals. Our machines and technique prevent water from getting into the roof which can be a problem with older style roofs. Our rotary style flat surface cleaner is great for decks and concrete and does not leave any stripes behind. Our typical house wash starts at the top of the gutter following the contours of the house down to the floor / ground. Although decks are not included in a house wash, we are more than happy to do these at the same time we wash the house.


We are confident that we can clean almost every surface you throw at us, boards, brick, stucco, you name it. The care and maintenance of those surfaces is also a priority for us. For example, stained weather boards require a much softer wash so as not to ruin the appearance. We get that and ensure that we take appropriate steps to ensure the outcome is what you would expect.


When we do need to water blast, we use petrol water blasters - this costs you nothing in power.


Give us a call to discuss what you need.