Of course our product list continues to grow with the addition of a general bug treatment now available. From flies to cockroaches and all in between, applied inside and out, after a house wash when all the cobwebs are gone and with a glistening house we can apply a spider treatment which we warrant for nine months to a year. In addition to this we often clean pool side glass and apply a treatment to showers to get rid of the hard water marks – very valuable especially when selling the property as presentation can add several thousands of dollars to the price.

 February 2015 marks the launch of our new website, with a fresh look and more detailed information about what we're about and why we're different. At the top of the site you will see a drop down menu of all the usual services you would expect from someone that does house washing, waterblasting and window cleaning - as well as a few extras which our existing clients find handy. Each month I'll update you with some helpful tips and general information about us and what we're up to. This year is probably going to be busier than ever for everyone. Take advantage of our one-stop-shop point of difference and come home to a house you will be proud of. Whether you live in central Auckland, on the North Shore or out in the suburbs, give us a yell. If you have used our service lately, please don't forget to leave us a review at No Cowboys or on our Google+ page. Happy new year and we look forward to seeing you at your place soon.