At The sparkle guys we no longer climb onto roofs which can break tiles, instead we use a very powerful long distance sprayer and at the most off a ladder always with safety guys at the bottom.


It is difficult to impress how effective this product is. Generally harmless to surrounding flora if applied with care. Being a gardener myself I have the greatest respect for other people’s plants and trees.


Moss and Mould killer works over a period of time very effectively depending on rain fall. It has a live ingredient which when activated comes alive again with contact with water, rain. This product will kill lichen, moss and everything in-between, the application is pretty much for every roof, drives, paths, fences, house walls. The only limitation would be areas that are under cover as it needs water, rain, to activate.


For an application on any of these areas just give us a call for advice on whether to apply it and when. We can advise and apply it for you to keep your property sparkling clean and with no danger of damage.