To that end l have been busy looking after my clients searching for a softer approach to house washing. Biodegradable house wash liquids have become very effective at penetrating the dirt be it moulds, dust or mildew commonly known as a surfactant. Often we used to use the water blaster to remove it all, many people still think we do. But now there is no need to climb ladders – actually a very dangerous occupation and I know through experience!


At The sparkle Guys we are changing the game. My ultimate wish is to not use a water blaster at all so please watch this space as we are close to offering the GENTLE SOFT WASH SERVICE – no water blaster used.


Currently I am washing the high parts of the house with my feet firmly on the ground using a 4mm device that I sourced. It has proved to be a life saver for the gentler approach to your house and myself. It simply cannot damage any surface be it cedar, painted and all others. It has the ability to reach 40' to 60' high. The lower part or your house is then washed with a soft jet nozzle to finish the job.


There are many ways for water ingress into your home and walls and that is as the job is being done. Many of you will have experienced damage with other companies. It is this that has prompted me to get the job done more effectively and safely, currently I am half-way there. So keep a look out I'll soon be posting the final story on the modem solution to Super Soft Wash your home.