Here I am talking of decks, certainly it is very bad advice to water blast a new deck, in fact if the deck were mine I would not water blast it even if it had been done before.


Typically my advice is to treat the deck chemically so as to maintain the silvered look to a large degree. The silvered look will always re-appear quite quickly through sun oxidation.


My discovery is a new product that has been around for eons but hidden by the onslaught of cleaning products (chemicals). The interesting thing is that this product is not only bio-degradable it simply disappears to nothing but air and water and it has no harmful effects whatsoever. So no more chemicals for my decks.


The results are astounding, truly impressive. If your decks are in a dirty shape just give us a call we can make them sparkle. It takes the wood back to its natural state. Call for a free quote.