Our spider treatment is a very popular product which can be used inside the house and outside. If we are not doing a house wash for the client we prefer to get rid of the cobwebs first which I don't believe other companies. To leave them behind however really is unsightly. Spider webs belong only on a plant or tree, where the early morning dew can be a really beautiful sight with the sun shining through. But on a house it's just a mess.


Our product will get rid of spiders and cockroaches plus wetas (which seems a shame, ugly but harmless and pretty much hidden away all the time). For a while now we have been applying a spider treatment to the internal edges of the windows and doors as we clean them. This has proved to be very successful as the spiders really can hide in the water ducts of the frame. The other benefit is that it stops the spiders crossing over into the house which is significant, as people prefer not to have the typical white tail spider in the house!


We can now spray inside your home with a general fly and bug treatment on window sills and around the edges of skirting boards plus all other places. A treatment will last a good six months over the summer time and if the insects are persistent then a winter treatment can be applied also.


It is not necessary to vacate the property while we apply to the outdoor areas. It is preferable however for adults, children and pets and of course to vacate when we spray the indoors. It is dry just 30 minutes after spraying, when you can occupy the house again.