Here at The Sparkle Guys we take our window cleaning seriously and with great pleasure. Looking back at the finished results it is quite amazing how much more light enters the house when they are ‘Sparkle Guy’ clean.


Quite often our clients wish us to clean only the outside of the window and that is great, however, it is hard for us to give a guarantee as it is very difficult to see many of the marks from the outside. Nevertheless we understand that clients wish to clean their own windows as much as possible but are not able to reach up to the high windows and we are very happy to assist. Wherever possible we blade dry the outside windows which produces a perfect finish. We prefer not to climb ladders more than necessary as there are many accidents by falling off ladders. Generally we can reach up to three stories high and are rarely challenged for not being able to quote on a job because of height. Outside window cleaning can involve all glass such as skylights, overhead glass, walkways and atriums.


To do a great job of inside window cleaning it has always been our policy to clean everything and that is exactly what we do. Lastly we clean the glass with soapy water and dry with a blade finishing off with detail cloths to be sure no water is left and also to make sure there are no smears. Before we do the glass however, the most important areas to clean are any mould on the window box, the window frame, handles and finally the internal edges of the opening window plus the edges of the frame. This treatment also applies to the doors whether or not they have windows, they are all cleaned regardless.


Finally before we leave the house it is very important that we go around all accessible windows, one person on each side to get rid of any remaining marks. We then ask the client if they are satisfied with our work and are mostly met with a resounding YES. So a bit of effort and technique is required but well worth the time and money for those who wish to have clean windows.


I feel that two to three times a year is sufficient intervals with perhaps an outside window clean if there is a special occasion going on. That’s pretty much it I hope that has useful to you in regards to near perfect window cleaning.