Quite often it starts with a client wanting a house wash and outside window clean. For some reason people do not always realise we clean windows inside as well. When I explain that, I can see the sheer pleasure that comes over them at the idea of being able to cross that job off their to-do list. I then explain how our window cleaning service has always cleaned the interior edges of the window frame and the door, regardless of whether the door has glass or not it really is a very thorough job. One time when our team completed a job this very pregnant soon-to-be mum inspected the work, all shining and beautiful, and was overcome with joy. She gave me this long and lasting hug, dubious in her state and not compulsory! However for her, her day was her now her own – off for a coffee with her mates.


And there it is, a great service and we really hope that we can be of service to you too one day soon.